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Through our many years of working with people suffering from sex and porn addictions, we noticed major gaps of knowledge among our clients and a lack of resources available that were specifically geared toward them. That’s why we created our own recovery protocol – The City Gate S.A.F.E.T.Y. Program – our outpatient recovery program in the form of a guided curriculum. This treatment model is formulated from 35 years of recovery and research, informed and adapted by the experiences of hundreds of clients who struggled like yourself.

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What is Sex Addiction Therapy?

You may be surprised to know that there is a clinical difference between therapy and treatment. 

Sex addiction therapy is concerned with behavior stabilization, recovery and relationship repair. At the same time, we are getting to the root of the problem, which is often related to past trauma, abuse, neglect or psychological issues. Healing from underlying issues frees lost values and abilities to emerge.

Therapy usually comes with a long roadmap to success, as it’s the precursor to treatment (resolution).

Our approach to sex addiction therapy is unique, as we understand that each client’s story is individual. At City Gate, we use multiple treatment modalities to meet you where you are, and to give you the necessary tools in your journey towards sobriety and recovery.

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Sobriety vs. Recovery

You might also be surprised to hear that there is a difference between sobriety and recovery. 

Oftentimes, sobriety occurs when the addictive person has been “discovered”.  Out of fear of losing the partner, the acting out behaviors are immediately halted. This constitutes a period of sobriety, when an individual is no longer engaging in addictive behaviors. This might mean that the addict is no longer looking at porn, no longer masturbating, or no longer seeking outside sexual outlets. 

Recovery on the other hand is the deeper work of healing where the individual is seeking to not only stop the acting out behaviors (sobriety), but to engage wholeheartedly with life, with a healthy mind, body and soul. Recovery is what happens when an addict is engaged in both treatment and therapy. This leads to understanding the underlying core beliefs about oneself that lead to acting out behavior, and to finding healthy outlets that promote positive relationships with oneself and others.

What is Sex Addiction Treatment?

Sex addiction treatment is comprised of the actual tools that you will use as your work towards your sobriety and recovery. The right treatments aren’t usually apparent at first, as individually-tailored and longer-lasting therapy is required to discover the causal influences and the appropriate remedies. 

Through therapy, you will discover your own “3 Circles,” which names the behaviors that led to your compulsiveness, and moves you toward insight building and healthy living. Engaging in treatment promotes both sobriety and recovery within the addict.

Some of the issues that we’ve addressed for thousands of clients include:

Health Insurance and Sex Addiction Therapy

Currently, City Gate accepts the following health insurance plans:

We are not approved under any Medicaid plans, even as a secondary insurance or Medicaid under an umbrella insurance listed above. If your insurance does not cover sessions, a private pay option is available. The session fee is calculated based on your household income and is due at the end of each session.  Upon request, we can provide a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Sex Addiction Treatment Modalities

City Gate offers a wide range of treatment modalities to serve those impacted by sex addiction. All modalities are personalized to the individual client, partner, or loved ones. These modalities are available in person, or virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many health insurance companies are now covering sex addiction therapy and treatment. The benefits you receive from your insurance may vary based on your insurance provider and individual plan. Please call us before you reach out to your health insurance company so we can empower you with the right questions, and because we have a list of existing insurance companies and plans that our clientele use that can work.

First, let us address what is meant by “cured”. There are cures for infectious diseases whereby medical treatments are developed for prevention or eradication, and in so doing gives the patient peace of mind that they’ll never suffer negative effects ever again. When a sufferer of sex addiction is “cured”, it’s part psychological and part physiological. While there is no way to eradicate the possibility of becoming addicted to sex, or relapsing into sex addiction, there are “cures” for eliminating or managing the leading influential factors of sex addiction.

Sex addiction sufferers recover when the negative consequences of their behavior are eliminated or resolved, and the underlying psychological and physiological causal factors are treated and set-up for proactive rehabilitation and management. The success rate of sex addiction is very high in the patients that are commited to the process and to their partner or spouse. The typical recovery time for a sex addict is anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.

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