Self Study Series

Take charge of your own healing and be empowered

No two people are alike. Some sufferers need their healing power to come exclusively from professional therapists, and that’s okay. Others need to approach healing at their own pace. At City Gate, we support your individual recovery needs.

On this page you’ll find a library of worksheets, daily discipline reminders, video lessons, and more.

We recently launched the “S.A.F.E.T.Y.” Self Study Series. This is a 3 month, self-study path-to-recovery for those struggling with sex addiction.

Lead by Carol Conklin, a sex addiction therapist with 25+ years of successful recoveries, you’ll make daily strides toward recovery by way of enlightening video lessons, custom tailored reading assignments, confidential support group sessions, and more.

However you want to be healed, you can find your path to recovery at City Gate.

graphic representing City Gate's SAFETY self study

Sex Addiction Self Therapy Series

While we do believe in miracles, it’s very rare for someone to overcome sex addiction overnight. With that being said, there is a proven, accelerated path to recovery offered by City Gate. It combines the personal touch of a therapist with the empowering discipline of self therapy.

In only two months, you’ll replace your broken sense of self with a stronger, resilient, and confident self. We break down your journey into 7 healing paths.

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Sex Addiction Self Study Resources

When you’re not speaking with your therapist, or you’re not engaged in self-study video sessions, it’s very easy to become distracted or lose track of your progress. This is why we’ve created accessible resources that you can save to your smartphone or print.

Position these resources where you’re already spending most of your time and you’ll strengthen your resilience while nurturing positive habits.  

Click the buttons next to each Handout title to download the PDF to your device.

Feelings list

‘I’ language

Relationship & Marriage Happiness Scale

The 3 Circles