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General Handouts

Feelings list

ā€˜Iā€™ language

No Time to Think

5 Morning Mistakes

How to Move Through the Stages of Change

12 Components of Courtship

20 Communication Tips for Partners

Importance of Appreciation

Healthy Sexuality

Early Maladaptive Schemas

What is Your Attachment Style

Schema Modes

List of Values

Map of the Brain

Sexual Addictions Handouts

10 Types of Addicts

25 Lies of Pornography

30 Tasks Toward Recovery

Avoid B.A.A.L.T.

Cycle of Addiction

Defining Sexual Sobriety

Effects of Sexual Addictions on Partners

For the Compulsive or Addictive Individual

Key Insights About Sexual Addictions

Managing the Addictive Appetite

Marriage and Porn: What Everyone Needs to Know

Mindfulness Training

Recovery as a Heroic Journey

The Porn Myth

Understanding Compulsive Masturbation