Sex Addiction Therapy Groups

Therapy groups for addicts or partners at every stage of recovery.

Therapy Groups for Sex Addicts

When you’re suffering from a compulsive behavior like sex addiction, it’s completley normal to feel lonely, out of place, isolated, or judged. When you’re on the path to recovery, it’s best to avoid those feelings by joining a community of people who are starting out or have made progress through a similar recovery experience.

While individual therapy helps you move through recovery, groups help you stay the course, and at times accelerate your journey to recovery. Therapy groups provide accountability, mentoring and much needed emotional support.

At City Gate, you’ll be able to openly share your experiences, feelings, concerns, and more.

Pull up a chair and join us.

Group Therapy for Partners & Spouses

Spouses or partners of sex addicts are often traumatized by their partner’s betrayal and can greatly benefit and heal in a group of recovering partners.

You’ve invested a lot of time and heart into helping your loved one find resolution, but there’s still brokenness. Maybe you’ve felt ignored, neglected, or discarded, and you’ve even blamed yourself at times.

You’re not alone. Our group for partners and spouses of sex addicts will provide a safe space for healing with others experiencing the same feelings. They’re here to support you.

Listen to each others’ stories. Share your struggles. Feel a strong, warm sense of belonging.

Pull up a chair and join us.

photo of women at a sex therapy group